Leslie Tom

Alumni (MIMS 2012)


To research new methodologies to produce, design, and create Architecture; drawing from ideas of Information Service Design, XML, Database Management, Knowledge Transfer, and Lean Construction.


Guiding Quote:

Architecture is organization. You are an Organizer, not a drawing board artist.
  Le Corbusier
  If I Had to Teach You Architecture
  Focus, 1938


I graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor's of Architecture in 2004.  I then worked for The Architecture Company, helping to transition the firm from 2D to 3D accurate Building Information Models while also designing collaborative processes with MediaWiki.  I had the opportunity to work on master plans, new constructions, and historic preservation projects with a variety of local, multi-state and international consultants and agencies.  I share an interest of understanding information as a force for positive change in our built environment and smarter systems.

Last updated:

September 26, 2021