MIMS Final Project 2012



Recently, there has been a lot of attention to underfunding for retirement. Specifically, women are at particular risk. There have been few attempts to fix the problem that have been aimed particularly at women. These attempts have focused mainly on education — teaching women concepts about investment strategies that they (presumably) do not know. GirlFunds takes a different approach. It addresses a second, more interesting, and possibly more impactful part of the success equation: confidence. We define confidence as taking action and trust in oneself.

We approach this project by interviewing highly successful women, where confidence is absolutely critical to career success. We plan to glean insights from these interviews — how they have attained this appropriate and healthy level of confidence. Using these insights and analysis as well as research from existing literature in the field, we plan to create GirlFunds, which will help women attain an appropriate level of confidence in their long-term investing decisions.

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October 7, 2016