Robert Glushko

Former Adjunct Professor


Information-intensive systems and services, semantic standards, information policy, business innovation and entrepreneurship


Current Research

What is the intellectual intersection of computer science and library science?  I think it is The Discipline of Organizing and am leading a multi-disciplinary and multi-university effort to write a book about it.  As a side effect I am now interested in new techniques for creating ebooks and making them dynamically customizable for different disciplines and universities.

Other research involves methods and tools for the design, development, and deployment of information-intensive applications and services.  I’m especially interested in approaches that span the traditional divide between "front-stage" design techniques and "back-stage" ones, since the "user experience" in many cases depends on information that comes from the back stage.  How and when can information substitute for interaction?  In general, I am intrigued by the evolution of “services science,” a new, interdisciplinary field that combines social science, business, and engineering knowledge needed for organizations to succeed in the shift to the service and information-based economy.

Other Research

Affiliated Faculty Member, UC Berkeley Program in Cognitive Science


B.A., Experimental Psychology, Stanford University, 1974
M.S. in Software Engineering, Wang Institute, 1985
Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, UC San Diego, 1979

Something few people know about me
I like to travel and have visited nearly 60 countries, especially in Europe and East Asia. I also enjoy scuba diving, running, cutting down trees and chopping them up with my chain saw, gardening, and other sorts of outdoor exercise.

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