Info 202

Information Organization and Retrieval

3 units

Course Description

15 weeks; 3 hours of lecture per week. This course introduces the intellectual foundations of information organization and retrieval: conceptual modeling, semantic representation, vocabulary and metadata design, classification, and standardization, as well as information retrieval practices, technology, and applications, including computational processes for analyzing information in both textual and non-textual formats.

This is a required introductory course for MIMS students, integrating perspectives and best practices from a wide range of disciplines.

Note: From 2017 to 2020, Info 202 was offered as a half-semester course for 2 units; before Fall 2017, Info 202 was 4 units.


Students should have a working knowledge of the Python programming language.

Requirements Satisfied

Ph.D. Breadth — Engineering and Design
Ph.D. Major/Minor Areas — Information Organization and Retrieval

Last updated:

July 6, 2022