MIMS Final Project 2012

Delorean Mail

Take a minute to imagine all of the emails you've written and received. You put hours a day into email, and your personal archive is filled with inside jokes, notes of encouragement, vacation plans, and everyday things you've long forgotten. Many of life's important moments and event are captured somewhere in that mess of email, but it's sheer volume can make finding these moments overwhelming. Isn't it time you got something back?

Imagine being able to give meaning to that mess of information, to see how far you've come and browse through the stories of your life. Delorean Mail uses data from your email archive to capture fun and simple stories about your electronic relationships over time. What did your first email to your best friend say? What topics did you used to discuss with him or her? How have your topics changed over the years? 

Delorean Mail is an innovative take on email visualization. Each story is told using an infographic that starts with your first email and ends with the now, covering the highlights in between. In a market full of email dashboards and productivity tools, Delorean Mail delivers meaning, perspective, and fun--taking you beyond the chore of email by surfacing friendships and forgotten memories. Delorean Mail will deliver a refreshing blast from your email past.

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October 7, 2016