Two I School Ph.D. students, Liza Gak and Seyi Olojo, have been offered the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) award. Ph.D. student...
Niloufar Salehi
Prof. Niloufar Salehi and other researchers have been awarded an NSF grant to develop language translation technology for high-stakes settings like...
Image of Allison Fox
MIDS student Allison Fox has been awarded the Data For Good Fellowship for her work to improve health outcomes in disadvantaged countries. 
photo of Doris Lee
Her start-up, Ponder, is leading the way with a $7M round of seed financing.
photo of a girl holding a mobile phone reading "You have received your Give Directly payment..."
Ph.D. student Emily Aiken and Professor Joshua Blumenstock used mobile phone data and machine learning to quickly and accurately direct the Togolese...
AI Policy Hub graphic
UC Berkeley launches AI Policy Hub to support grad student research.
Collage showing the 5 DEIBJ student reps
The DEIBJ student representatives represent current and prospective students in their degree program, with particular attention to students from...
Cover of book "Law and Policy for the Quantum Age"
In a new book, Law and Policy for the Quantum Age, Professor Chris Jay Hoofnagle and Simson L. Garfinkel explain the genesis of quantum information...
photo of Marti Hearst
Professor Marti Hearst is the UC Berkeley School of Information’s new head of school.
Joanne Ma
MIMS student Joanne Ma has been awarded the 2021–22 Curtis B. Smith Cybersecurity Fellowship.