MIMS student Arthur Che shares his advice on maximizing the value of a user experience internship.
The American Academy of Arts and Sciences includes Samuelson among the generation’s leading “thinkers and doers.”
Eight I School faculty and students will be presenting their research at the upcoming CHI Conference in Paris, France.
Raymon Sutedjo-The’s project overlays transit data with neighborhood income levels, to explore how well transit systems serve the diverse populations of their cities.
Don’t be surprised if you hear a buzzing sound in the hallways of South Hall this semester. A small team of School of Information students is experimenting with unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones: becoming familiar with drones’ capabilities and imagining their future applications.
New headsets use a single sensor resting against the forehead. (<a href="">photo by Cory Doctorow</a>)
Instead of typing your password, in the future you may only have to think your password. A new School of Information study explores the feasibility of brainwave-based computer authentication as a substitute for passwords.
Elisa Oreglia
Elisa Oreglia honored for the best graduate student paper on China and inner Asia at the Association for Asian Studies annual conference.
How can students work together in the new generation of online courses? And how can online systems support and encourage peer learning? A new School of Information research project aims to answer these questions and more.
Nearly 150 students, alumni, and information professionals filled South Hall this past weekend for the School of Information’s fourth annual InfoCamp, an ‘unconference’ for the information community.
Automatic connects your smartphone to your car’s onboard computer, helping consumers save money, drive smarter, and understand what’s happening under the hood.