Carver and Lissner are the co-founders of the non-profit Free Law Project; they were recognized as innovators in the delivery of legal services.
(photo by Isha Dandavate)
When they awoke at the base of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s kelp forest, four School of Information students and alumni knew that this was no ordinary programming project.
The four days of intensive workshops and networking captured the disciplinary breadth and leadership focus of the School of Information’s new Master of Information and Data Science program.
In response to the humanitarian crisis in the Balkans, two new grads of the I School are soliciting an unusual kind of support — donations of Bitcoin or Dogecoin cryptocurrencies.
Keynote speaker Nicole Wong and student speakers challenged the class of 2014 to remember their social and ethical responsibilities as information professionals, and awards honored distinguished students, faculty, and projects.
James R. Chen awards for outstanding master’s final projects, distinguished faculty awards, and outstanding project videos.
Five School of Information students are developing a system to solve one of the biggest challenges of India’s market for household domestic workers, and to help a whole community that isn’t being served.
Two Berkeley School of Information students were awarded the first-place prize this week in the Tech-to-Market Innovation Challenge, competing with other teams from across the Berkeley campus to develop a technology and business strategy to take advantage of the emerging LTE Direct standard.
School of Information faculty and students are presenting their research on human-computer interaction in Toronto this week at the annual CHI conference.
Michael Buckland
The award honors Buckland’s leadership and research in libraries, information retrieval, translingual search, bibliographic and metadata services, the history and theory of documentation, digital libraries, and the representation of cultural heritage institutions.