Ankit Bansal
Ankit Bansal aims to improve security for private data and autonomous vehicles with cybersecurity fellowship. 
Professor Steven Weber
Steve Weber co-authors an article for the Washington Post sharing what American foreign policy can learn from today's Super Bowl. 
Photo of Eliza Atkins Gleason
Pioneering Berkeley alumna Eliza Atkins Gleason (M.A. ’36) was the first African American to earn a doctorate in library science.
Jen King
School of Information alumna Jennifer King was honored by the iSchools organization for her doctoral dissertation, “Privacy, Disclosure, and Social...
Anna Jacobson's data visualization "The Building Blocks of Gender Equality"
“What would it mean to do feminist data science?” This question, raised by a fellow MIDS classmate, sparked the idea for Anna Jacobson’s award-...
Group of graduates with faculty
On January 12, 2019, 129 students in the Master of Information and Data Science program graduated from UC Berkeley.
MIDS students with awards in front of Campanile
The School of Information January 2019 graduation ceremony celebrated outstanding MIDS capstone projects and distinguished faculty and students.
Richmond Wong
Instead of looking for design solutions to fix existing problems in privacy, I School researchers used speculative design fictions to explore...
graphic displaying passthoughts and earEEG
I School researchers have developed a custom-fit earpiece that that can capture “passthoughts” through brainwave signals from the ear canal, and...
This month, MIDS students from all over the country and around the world attended a special Denver Immersion, along with staff and faculty.