May 17, 2022

Awards Honor May 2022 Graduates

The School of Information’s May 2022 Commencement presented an opportunity to honor faculty and student achievements.

Head of School Marti Hearst presented awards for outstanding capstone projects from the Master of Information Management and Systems program, the Master of Information and Data Science program, and the Master of Information and Cybersecurity program.

Students in the MIMS, MIDS, and MICS programs voted for their most outstanding instructors and gave awards to their classmates.

James R. Chen Award for Outstanding MIMS Final Project, 2022

Track 1

A Founder’s Guide to No Code
Annais Paetsch
Advisor: Morten Hansen

Amongst other spaces, no code is changing entrepreneurship by lowering the barrier to entry to product development. This project is intended to give a big picture overview of the no code industry and help founders in decision-making with “A Founder’s Guide to No Code.” 

The judges said they were impressed with the project’s originality and the extensive research it involved. “We saw great potential for the resulting guide in helping entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds,” they wrote.

Track 2

MateriALL: Auto-Generating Classroom Materials for Teachers
Eunyoung Cho, Chia-Yi Chu, Nathan Khuu, Helen Li
Advisor: Kimiko Ryokai

MateriALL is a Google Add-on that helps teachers generate and design classroom materials using their existing curriculum. Using natural language processing, MateriALL suggests questions based on selected slide content, to generate worksheets, quizzes, and more, resulting in personalized yet well-formatted materials for each teacher.   

The judges called the project, “An elegant, easy-to-use solution that provides time-saving benefits for early-career K-12 teachers whose work has become harder due to the pandemic.” The team, they wrote, “allowed themselves to be guided by what they learned from their research: they decided to build a Google Add-on because it was part of a set of products these teachers were already familiar with and using frequently.”

MIMS Video Award

Memorology: Multi-sensory TangiBalls Game for Patients with Dementia, by Aoi Furukawa, Junmei Li, Vivian Omondi, and Ryan Qiao is the winner of the MIMS Video Award. Check out the video here.

Hal R. Varian MIDS Capstone Award, Spring 2022

ASROM: Automated Systematic Review of Medical Literature
Jae-Hong Min, Prabhaker Narsina, Kelly Nguyen, Zijian Wu

ASROM empowers medical professionals to make the right decisions at the right time. It is a non-commercial web tool designed to provide medical practitioners with evidence-based answers to clinical questions. The ASROM tool works using a number of Machine Learning (AI) models trained on the PubMed database by searching through articles in PubMed and PubMed Central to find the most relevant articles to the clinical question.

“This is an important problem space, and greatly aids MDs in a difficult and challenging aspect of their work,” the judges wrote. “ASROM represents a straightforward and easily adoptable tool to an entire field of practitioners, and would offer benefits to medical professionals and to patients.”

Honorable Mention

VecNet: An AI-Based Approach to Regulate Spread of Mosquito-Borne Diseases, by Sean Campos, Shwetha Chitta Nagaraj, Devesh Khandelwal, Lina Sheremet, and Jamie Smith, was a runner-up for the Varian Award.

The judges wrote: “VecNet addresses a critical problem space with global reach, and their work has already made real-world impact. A well-produced project with impressive results.”

Lily L. Chang MICS Capstone Award, Spring 2022

CloudSquatting by Barrage Security
Shawn Blue, Harinder Jagpal, Godwin Vincent, Kevin Vincent

The team, Barrage Security, identified a pervasive issue where websites or applications erroneously reference abandoned cloud resources. An attacker can take over these resources and serve malicious content to steal logins or payment info, modify website content, or even take control of computers.

Faculty Awards, Spring 2022

Distinguished Faculty Award (MIMS program): Coye Cheshire, Professor for INFO 233. Social Psychology and Information Technology and INFO 271B. Quantitative Research Methods.

Distinguished Faculty Award (MIDS program): Michael Rivera, Assistant Professor of Practice for DATASCI W201, Research Design and Applications for Data and Analysis.

Distinguished Faculty Award (MICS program): Tiffany Rad, Lecturer for CYBER W200. Beyond the Code: Cybersecurity in Context and CYBER W289. Public Interest Cybersecurity: The Citizen Clinic Practicum.

Student Awards

Students with the Most Spirit (MIMS): Eunyoung Cho.

Outstanding Teaching Assistant (MIMS): Helen Li, INFO 205, Information Law and Policy and INFO 290 Product Design Studio.

Outstanding Teaching Assistant (MIDS): Lea Cleary, DATASCI W261. Machine Learning at Scale.

Annais Paetsch presents her project
Annais Paetsch presents “A Founder’s Guide to No Code”
the MateriALL teams shares their project poster
Helen, Nathan, and Eunyoung of the MateriALL team with their project poster
ASROM logo
ASROM: Automated Systematic Review of Medical Literature
Barrage Security logo
CloudSquatting by Barrage Security
Professor Coye Cheshire
Professor Coye Cheshire
Mike Rivera, smiling, holding an award, with Jennifer Chayes
Michael Rivera, Assistant Professor of Practice, and Dean Jennifer Chayes (Photo by Noah Berger)
photo of Tiffany Rad, smiling, holding an award, with Jennifer Chayes
Tiffany Rad, MICS Lecturer and Dean Jennifer Chayes (Photo by Noah Berger)
Eunyoung Cho smiling, with Marti Hearst
Eunyoung Cho, MIMS ’22 with Professor Marti Hearst (Photo by Noah Berger)
photo of Helen Li standing in front of Wheeler Hall at UC Berkeley wearing a graduation sash
Helen Li, MIMS ’22
photo of Lea Cleary standing in front of a waterfall
Lea Cleary, MIDS ’22


2022 MIMS Capstone Team Memorology Video

2022 MIMS Capstone Team Memorology Video

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