MIMS Final Project 2022

A Founder’s Guide to No Code

Team members:

Amongst other spaces, no code is changing entrepreneurship by lowering the barrier to entry to product development. The motivation of this project at the highest-level is to understand the interplay between no code/low code and entrepreneurship.

The ultimate goal of this project is to help founders make a decision on building their product in no code or raw code. Thus, the ultimate artifact I wanted to create was “A Founder’s Guide to No Code”. To create this guide and lay out the interplay of entrepreneurship and no code/low code at large, I broke down this project into three questions and objectives:

1. Question: What differentiates no code entrepreneurship?

Objective: Understand what characterizes the no code entrepreneurship space in terms of industry, product types and founders

2. Question: For which founders is no code relevant?

Objective: Define what founder personas exist, understand their needs and motivations

3. Question: Should founders build in no code — how can they decide?

Objective: Propose a best practice evaluation approach and identify relevant considerations

These three questions, each building on the next, guided my analyses towards the ultimate objective.

Last updated:

September 30, 2022