Jan 16, 2022

January 2022 Graduation Awards

The School of Information’s January 2022 Virtual Commencement presented an opportunity to honor both faculty and student achievements.

The faculty Head Graduate Advisors presented awards for outstanding capstone projects from the Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) program, 5th Year MIDS, and the Master of Information and Cybersecurity (MICS) program.

Students in the MIDS, 5th Year MIDS, and MICS programs voted for their most outstanding instructors and gave awards to their classmates.

Also see the August 2021 MICS and MIDS Capstone Award Winners.

Hal R. Varian MIDS Capstone Award, Fall 2021

Linda Dong, Haerang Lee, Skyler Roh, Danie Theron

S2-ProCLAIM (Structurally Similar Protein Clustering AI model) empowers scientists to navigate a brand new, historically significant dataset of 3D protein structures by AlphaFold2, an AI model by DeepMind that led to a recent scientific breakthrough in protein 3D structure predictions.

Lily L. Chang MICS Capstone Award, Fall 2021

GhostPRTCL: Ephemeral Remote Access Solution
Sai Gunaranjan Andhra, Alex Guglielmetti, David Huang, Michael Jimenez

GhostPRTCL aims to deliver a prototype of a security-enhanced remote access solution. By leveraging the power of automation and cloud computing, the solution builds a self-hosted ephemeral remote access environment. In less than five minutes, the user can browse the internet with high degrees of privacy and security.

MICS Capstone Video Award

GhostPRTCL is also the winner of the MICS Capstone Video Award. Check out the video here.

Faculty Awards, Fall 2021

Distinguished Faculty Award (MIDS program): Mark Butler

Distinguished Faculty Award (5th Year MIDS program): Amit Bhattacharyya

Distinguished Faculty Award (MICS program): Chris Jay Hoofnagle

Student Awards

Outstanding Teaching Assistant (MIDS): Kevin Martin

GhostPRTCL: Ephemeral Remote Access Solution
GhostPRTCL: Ephemeral Remote Access Solution
A protein structure popping out of clusters of data
S2-ProCLAIM clusters AlphaFold2 structures using novel embeddings
Mark Butler
Mark Butler
Amit Bhattacharyya
Amit Bhattacharyya, Lecturer (5YMIDS)
Chris Hoofnagle
Chris Hoofnagle
Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin

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