Kevin Martin

Alumni (MIDS 2021)


Data Science


Data Science


I'm just a recovering bridge structural engineer transitioning into the exciting field of data science.

After 4 years designing and analyzing concrete bridges at an engineering consultancy (KPFF Consulting Engineers), I'm making a career pivot into tech. I've always enjoyed writing code and some of the most interesting technical challenges that I encountered at KPFF had more to do with managing output from our computer models than the engineering itself. 

My math background is very strong, particularly dealing with matrices and linear algebra. All modern (finite element) structural modeling is based on assembling systems of differential equations in matrices and then solving them. Getting a master's degree in civil engineering, I became intimately familiar with the mathematical concepts. 

I'm new to the program. My first quarter is summer 2020. I look forward to meeting everyone and learning a lot of new information. 

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September 30, 2023