Info 205

Information Law and Policy

3 units

Course Description

This course uses examples from various commercial domains—retail, health, credit, entertainment, social media, and biosensing/quantified self—to explore legal and ethical issues including freedom of expression, privacy, research ethics, consumer protection, information and cybersecurity, and copyright. The class emphasizes how existing legal and policy frameworks constrain, inform, and enable the architecture, interfaces, data practices, and consumer facing policies and documentation of such offerings; and, fosters reflection on the ethical impact of information and communication technologies and the role of information professionals in legal and ethical work.

15 weeks; 3 hours of lecture per week

Note: Before 2011 and from 2018–2021, this course was offered for 2 units.


Consent of instructor required for non-majors.

Requirements Satisfied

Ph.D. Breadth — Information Economics, Law, and Policy
Ph.D. Major/Minor Areas — Information Law and Policy

Last updated:

July 6, 2022