Capped by a keynote from Obama adviser John Podesta, a day-long workshop brought together the worlds of government, business, the law, and academia for what assistant professor Deirdre Mulligan called “a frank and honest conversation about our values,” and about how to balance those values with the omnipresent, often invisible collection of data about every aspect of our lives.
Tapan Parikh
Parikh is transforming the world’s poorest areas by designing, evaluating, and deploying appropriate information systems that support sustainable economic development.
New research presents case studies from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake; Rajasthan, India, at the turn of the 20th century; and a present-day Indian welfare system.
The School of Information has officially started its new online Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) program, preparing students to solve real-world problems using complex and unstructured data.
Faculty, Ph.D. students, and alumni present over a dozen papers, notes, demonstrations, and workshops at the international Information and Communication Technologies and Development conference in Cape Town, South Africa.
Marti Hearst
Professor Hearst was honored for her contributions to information retrieval and computational linguistics.
Programmers, designers, students, and innovators spent 24 hours in Berkeley’s South Hall for the Social Innovation Hackathon, knowing that their work could make a real difference for developing countries around the world.
Thinkers50 is a global ranking of management thinkers published every two years.
The challenge: design and build a system to give the world’s underbanked people access to financial services — in under 24 hours. I School projects took both first and second place.
Zach Pardos
Pardos is an expert in the emerging field of educational data mining — applying data science methodologies to online learning environments to understand student learning.