Marcus DeMaster
To many, the term “data science” suggests businesses using our data to make more money, but big data can do more than fuel bigger profits.
May 2018 commencement
Throughout the Spring 2018 commencement ceremony, speakers asked the graduates to use what they’d learned at the I School to improve the world.
Richmond Wong and Guanghua Chi
Richmond Wong is a fourth year Ph.D. student at the I School; the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award honors UC Berkeley GSIs for...
Dean Saxenian with Outstanding Teaching Assistant (MIDS) award-winner: Maya Miller-Vedam
The School of Information 2018 graduation ceremony celebrated outstanding MIMS and MIDS capstone projects and outstanding faculty and students.
Mark Zuckerberg caricature (image courtesy of Flickr user DonkeyHotey
Chris Hoofnagle discusses the policing of Facebook’s privacy policies and FTC enforcement.
Team Clinico at Blockchain Bootcamp
I School startup Clinico uses blockchain to give clinical trial patients the ability to secure, share, and profit from their data.
Anno Saxenian
Dean Saxenian reflects on her path to a top leadership position in academia, and why it's critical to showcase gender parity in our programming.
Usman and Shannon with Dr. Sunjya Schweig (far right), a Lyme disease specialist who is assisting the team
Lyme disease management tool Clymb Health aims to improve quality of life for chronic disease sufferers.
Jen King
Facebook is right to claim this incident was no breach  —  this is Facebook’s platform working exactly as designed.
Machine learning and big data don’t intuitively go hand-in-hand with studies of literary fiction; however, new research from Professor David Bamman,...