Noura Howell
Howell is a third year Ph.D. student at the I School; the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award honors UC Berkeley GSIs for their...
(photo courtesy of Nicola/Flickr
An increasing number of apps let users share their heartrate with friends. Now a pair of researchers are exploring how sharing your biosignals can...
Professor Marti Hearst
Hearst’s HCI research includes user interfaces for search, information visualization of text, web site usability, and innovation in education.
Chris Jay Hoofnagle, Deirdre Mulligan, and others weighed in on an ongoing lawsuit challenging the authority of the Federal Trade Commission to...
Melvin “Bill” Earl Maron
Bill served on the faculty of the UC Berkeley School of Librarianship and School of Library and Information Studies from 1966 until his...
Matt Stevenson
Student Matt Stevenson is excited about the impact that data science techniques can have on water and energy, especially in developing regions.
“Accept that objectivity is a fantasy, and that data science is no more objective than any other way of knowing,” said keynote speaker Judd Antin.
Nisha Pathak (MIMS ’18, center) with her hackathon teammates.
The hackathon challenged participants to come up with creative solutions for a wide variety of mobility and transportation problems, to promote...
The team designed a pair of one-page posters that could be distributed around campus, with games or crossword puzzles to make them interactive.
Six MIMS students were victorious in the 2016 CMYK Designathon.
The faculty respond to the 2016 election.