Josh Blumenstock at the Artifical Intelligence for Economic Development conference
Prof Blumenstock received the Faculty Award for Research in the Public Interest for his research at the intersection of machine learning and development economics.
Steve Weber & Gabriel Nicholas
Prof Steve Weber and Gabriel Nicholas (MIMS ’18) co-author an article for GlobalAsia explaining how digital technology has created economic rivalries.
Joshua Blumenstock
Joshua Blumenstock cautions that new digital methods of approaching issues of poverty must be used as a complement to more traditional approaches.
Deirdre K. Mulligan
Berkeley and 20 other universities are forming a new consortium, the Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN), to support the development of new technologies, and to explore what policies and safeguards must be put into place to ensure that they will work for the benefit of society.
Christina Papadimitriou at MIDS Immersion with Oski
MIDS student Christina Papadimitriou received the Spring Paul Fasana LGBTQ Studies Fellowship for research using data science for LGBTQ rights.
Sudha Subramanian
MIDS student Sudha Subramanian received the Spring 2019 Jack Larson Data for Good Fellowship for her research using data science to understand homelessness.
Data & Tech for All logo
This March, the I School will participate in a week of events intended to democratize data science and technology at Berkeley and beyond. 
Ankit Bansal
Ankit Bansal aims to improve security for private data and autonomous vehicles with cybersecurity fellowship. 
Professor Steven Weber
Steve Weber co-authors an article for the Washington Post sharing what American foreign policy can learn from today's Super Bowl. 
Photo of Eliza Atkins Gleason
Pioneering Berkeley alumna Eliza Atkins Gleason (M.A. ’36) was the first African American to earn a doctorate in library science.