Hany Farid
Despite growing sentiments that deepfakes are the “dog that never barked,” Hany Farid believes the worst is yet to come.
Professor Steve Weber
Weber has been a distinguished member of the UC Berkeley academic community for thirty years. His research focuses on the political economy of knowledge-intensive industries.
Josh Blumenstock
Professor Josh Blumenstock is leading a team that has received a grant to investigate and address eviction spikes and displacement risks related to COVID-19.
Several young faculty have receive presitigous awards and fellowships in 2020: Aditya Parameswaran, Josh Blumenstock and David Bamman.
Ji Su Yoo
Ph.D. student Ji Su Yoo advocates for increasing diversity in tech education and industry, especially since emerging technologies can disproportionally impact marginalized communities.
Akshay Punhani (MIMS ’20)
Akshay Punhani and J.M. Porup have been awarded this year’s Curtis B. Smith Cybersecurity Fellowship.
Josh Blumenstock
The award will support Blumenstock’s work on a new paradigm of algorithmic decision-making  that prioritizes social impact.
All I School classes are being held online and all events are cancelled or provided remotely.
David Bamman
Assistant Professor David Bamman was honored for for his research designing computational methods for natural language processing for fiction.
Ollie Downs is a 5th Year MIDS student with a strong commitment to LGBTQ equality in data science.