Daniel Alvarez
MIDS student Daniel Alvarez developed text-based similarity algorithms for the UN World Food Programme to support cash-based relief delivery.
The Charisma Machine cover / Morgan G. Ames
The Charisma Machine: The Life, Death, and Legacy of One Laptop per Child, by Professor Morgan Ames wins ASIS&T’s 2020 Best Information Science Book Award.
Prof. Salehi was awarded $100K from Facebook Research to study how Muslim Americans adopt counter-narratives online, empowering and giving voice to an often denigrated population.
teen working at a laptop
The sudden need for distance education relates to ongoing research by Prof. Jenna Burrell, Anne Jonas, Prof. Morgan G. Ames, who explore inequality and digitization in educational spaces.
Hany Farid
The EARN IT Act would help stop tech giants from prioritizing profits over safety.
Andrew Bullen, Sharon Lin, and Christina Carr
Inaugural Sharon X. Lin (’11, MIDS ’15) and Andrew R. Bullen (’10) Fellowship goes to incoming 5th Year MIDS student and Berkeley graduate Christina Carr.
Niloufar Salehi
Prof. Niloufar Salehi was awarded an NSF CRII grant to study restorative justice approaches to addressing harm in online communities.
Georgia State University Campus in Atlanta Georgia
Collin Cunningham founded the SpringForward Foundation to provide high school students in underserved communities the support they need to successfully navigate the college application process.
On Wednesday, June 24, 2020, Professor Hany Farid Testified on a remote congressional hearing entitled: “A Country in Crisis: How Disinformation Online is Dividing the Nation.” 
collage of anti-racist books
I School faculty recommends reading that helps us understand how information studies, data science, and cybersecurity intersect with race, racism, and anti-racism.