Morgan G. Ames

Assistant Professor of Practice
Alumni (MIMS 2006)

305B South Hall
Science and technology studies; computer-supported cooperative work and social computing; education; anthropology; youth technocultures; ideology and...
Daniel Aranki

Assistant Professor of Practice

Predictive medicine; artificial intelligence; machine learning; tele-health; information disclosure; privacy; security.

Associate Professor

312 South Hall
Natural language processing, computational social science, machine learning, digital humanities
Josh Blumenstock

Associate Professor
Alumni (PhD 2012)

207C South Hall

Adjunct Professor

how systematically excluded communities adapt technology, algorithmic fairness and transparency, human control over algorithms, ethnography
Jennifer Chayes

Dean, College of Computing, Data Science, and Society; Professor (EECS, Mathematics, Statistics, and Information)

Coye Cheshire


305A South Hall
Trust, social exchange, social psychology, and information exchange


Biosensory computing; climate informatics; information economics and policy

Assistant Professor

applied microeconomics, behavioral science, machine learning
Hany Farid

Professor (I School and EECS)

203A South Hall
Digital forensics, forensic science, misinformation, image analysis, and human perception

Interim Dean; Professor

Human-computer interaction, information visualization, computational linguistics, search and information retrieval, improving MOOCs and online...
Chris Hoofnagle

Professor of Practice

341 Berkeley Law Building (North Addition)
Internet law, information privacy, consumer protection, cybersecurity, computer crime, regulation of technology, edtech
D. Alex Hughes

Assistant Adjunct Professor

305B South Hall
Experiments and Causal Identification, Statistics, Social Networks, Political Behavior and Outcomes

Associate Adjunct Professor
Alumni (PhD 2009)

Information economics, telecommunications policy, network architecture, innovation

University Librarian, Chief Digital Scholarship Officer, and Professor

255 Doe Library
Headshot of Professor Deirdre K. Mulligan


303B South Hall
privacy, fairness, human rights, cybersecurity, technology and governance, values in design
Photo of Aditya Parameswaran

Associate Professor (I School and EECS)

212 South Hall
Data management, interactive or human-in-the-loop data analytics, information visualization, crowdsourcing, data science
Cornelia Ilin

Assistant Professor of Practice

David Reiley

Adjunct Professor

Field experiments, advertising, auctions and other pricing mechanisms, charitable fundraising, and electronic commerce.
Mike Rivera

Assistant Professor of Practice

305B South Hall
Kimiko Ryokai

Associate Professor

307A South Hall
Human-computer interaction, tangible user interfaces
Niloufar Salehi is an assistant professor at the School of Information at UC Berkeley..

Assistant Professor

313 South Hall
AnnaLee (Anno) Saxenian


207B South Hall
Regional economic development, Entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley.