Alumni News

Ashwin Mathew
Mathew honored for his Ph.D. dissertation, which explored the location of political power in Internet infrastructure.
Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and security researcher Ashkan Soltani (MIMS 2009) says he has been denied security clearance for his new job with White House.
The newest career report shows that MIMS graduates are in demand more than ever before.
MIMS alumni Shreyas and Divya Anand presented their 2014 MIMS final project this week in London.
Nine alumnae shared memories of Berkeley in the 1960s and the changes in library practice in the last half-century.
A Serbian native, Stojković is currently the product designer for a stealth-stage startup; he previously co-founded and led Wannabe Magazine, Southeast Europe’s most popular fashion & lifestyle website.
The Class of 1965 attended UC Berkeley’s School of Librarianship at the height of the campus’s famed Free Speech Movement.
Understanding and stopping the spread of Ebola requires careful tracking of public health data from around the region. Digitizing the data seems like an obvious step — but on the front lines, the answers aren’t quite so simple.