Nov 12, 2020

Interview with a Data Scientist: Alumnus Sayan Sanyal


Data Scientist, Notifications Team, Twitter

I spoke with Sayan Sanyal who’s a Data Scientist at Twitter on their Notifications team.

He originally studied Computer Science as an undergrad before attending graduate school at Berkeley’s School [of] Information with a focus on Data Science.

A few things that stood out to me were his ability to reason about the benefits of his engineering degree on his day to day work and his thoughts on navigating different types of organizations...

Tell me about your Berkeley experience. You studied Data Science. How was that overall?

My two years at Berkeley challenged and pushed me to a degree that I hadn’t ever done previously. It took a lot out of me but I’m very glad for it. It made me question knowledge gaps that I had from undergrad and I tried to fill those as rigorously as possible.

The good thing about grad school is that it’s a choose your own adventure type of sport. Unlike undergrad where a lot of the programs are more structured, I would say over here I was able to have much more freedom over what I wanted to focus on. I spent a lot more of my time learning things that interested me. So for example, I went really deep into natural language processing and ended up being a teaching assistant for some of those classes.


Sayan Sanyal graduated from the MIMS program in 2018.

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November 17, 2020