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Norma Gallins Kobzina (MLIS 1979) April 6, 1944 - May 4, 2013
Automatic connects your smartphone to your car’s onboard computer, helping consumers save money, drive smarter, and understand what’s happening under the hood.
danah boyd (photo courtesy of Robert Scoble)
The SXSW Interactive Festival is set to welcome I School alumna danah boyd as the second member of its Hall of Fame, calling her a “trend-setter whose career accomplishments have paved the future of the new media industry.” Dr. boyd received her Ph.D from the School of Information in 2008 and is currently a member of the School of Information Advisory Board.
New research reveals how information systems can replace person-to-person service encounters by substituting information for interaction.
Josh Blumenstock
The 2012 dissertation, “Essays on the economic impacts of mobile phones in sub-Saharan Africa, ” was honored by the iSchools Doctoral Dissertation Award Competition.