Data Science 210


(Summer 2021)

Project Gallery

Pandemic Vulnerability Index
We do not need to know what the next pandemic will be to have a good idea who it will kill. Our Pandemic Vulnerability Index is a tool for policy makers to...
White Blood Cell Image
We use deep learning to classify types of white blood cells in cell images from blood smear slides to aid in AML diagnosis.
AllergyFree Logo
A recipe for everyone.
Alternative Perspectives
Alternative Perspectives provides consumers with a fast validation of basic facts and exposure to alternative news, minimizing misinformation and motivating...
A custom art generator to enhance the mood of your room.
The Boat Scout online marketplace and recommendation system targets customers in the multi-billion dollar industry for online boat sales. Boat Scout caters to...
CannaType is dedicated to standardizing cannabis product labeling through the use of data unification and AI, to introduce regulatory rigor into the cannabis...
By harnessing the power of machine learning, CIMR combines behavioral and economic data to improve upon professional forecaster macroeconomic predictions.
Detección de Cataratas uses image classification technology to allow users to diagnose whether they have cataract disease.
dinner4two is a graph neural network-based recommender system that helps couples on their first dates to find the ideal restaurant that will please both. 
Foster Care Matcher provides a list of top-quality foster care providers (parents) by utilizing a Recommender System powered...
Homemade is an iOS Application and useful network that brings people together through the food they create and the friends they make. 
HyperionSolarNet utilizes deep learning methods and aerial imagery for automated detection of solar panel locations and total surface area.
aggregate occupancy inference
ORB is an API that helps building managers save energy by analyzing and predicting building occupancy patterns based on Wi-Fi data.
News bubbles have played a key role in increasing political polarization. To combat this, our team has created a Chrome extension that both calculates a bias...
A interactive map of predicted eviction rates in California