5th Year MIDS Capstone Project 2021

Detección de Cataratas

Cataract disease is the world’s leading cause of blindness with over half of the world’s population affected but it is easily treatable via surgery. In Mexico alone, over 63% of all blindness is due to cataracts and directly impacts the lives of over 10 million people. Detección de Cataratas is an application accessible by a smartphone that aids in diagnosing cataract disease in Mexico’s rural and low-income population by allowing users to upload a picture of their face and receive an accurate diagnosis of whether each eye has cataract or not.

Our app extracts both eyes from the face and inputs them into our trained ResNet50 image classification model. We also include a saliency map for each eye that reveals what pixels our model is using for diagnosis. Other features of our app include the ability to switch between English and Spanish, a list of possible lifestyle changes to slow down the progression of cataracts if a doctor is not available, and the contact information of various organizations in Mexico that offer free cataract surgery.

Last updated:

September 7, 2021