MIDS Capstone Project Summer 2021

CannaType: Cannabis Chemical Profiling

CannaType is dedicated to standardizing cannabis product labeling through the use of data unification and AI, to introduce regulatory rigor into the cannabis industry.

Our team, with expertise sitting at the cross section of Data Science and Biotech, has an innovative product that leverages AI to standardize and regulate cannabis distribution while ultimately improving the quality and confidence of cannabis products made available to patients.

The biggest challenge facing the regulatory legitimacy of the cannabis industry is the nonexistence of standardization of products on the market. Traditionally, product names are inherited from parent strains used in the breeding process, but this method often produces inconsistent product labeling - leaving patients with variable results.

Instead, our approach takes the chemical information of each strain and uses AI to assess the strain against known profiles in order to produce the proper strain name and the associated medical symptoms it is best suited for. Thus, giving products a stamp of approval patients can trust, arming growers/distributors with validated marketing power, and bringing quality control to an industry with longstanding lack of regulation.

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August 10, 2021