MIDS Capstone Project Summer 2021

Alternative Perspectives

Alternative Perspectives is a digital text assistant that allows people to read and write with clarity and support. As a browser and future mobile extension, Alternative Perspectives is available for readers and writers to be well informed and knowledgeable across all communication platforms, such as email, text, and reports. As a reading assistant, Alternative Perspectives suggests different sources of information relevant to the written topic. By highlighting various text phrases, the extension finds similar text with varying perspectives (political, economical) to provide different opinions to the reader. Our goal is to create some variation in news-reading bias at the sentence level and to suggest other opinions as the reader digests information. For the writer, Alternative Perspectives provides factual corrections to erroneous written statements. It also validates writing in the same way as it helps readers by sourcing various articles online with similar topics and presenting alternative viewpoints to the writer. We believe that people have an innate desire to be effective and credible communicators. While there are writing aids out there such as Grammarly, we believe that there is a large green field for clarity and credibility in communications. Existing fact finding solutions are biased and difficult to trust. Misinformation and disinformation are overtly abundant across online media. We plan on creating a simple solution to this problem that is readily available for everyone.

Last updated:

August 6, 2021