MIDS Capstone Project Summer 2021

Boat Scout

The Boat Scout online marketplace and recommendation system provides a unique opportunity to target customers in the multi-billion dollar industry for online boat sales. The primary options for those seeking to buy a boat online are 3 sites all owned by one company, which cater to brokers and not to the individual customer. This is one of the largest purchases a consumer will make, but current sites have a lack of relevant search results and require significant domain knowledge to be useful. Boat Scout search and discover tools leverage a state-of-the-art convolutional neural network model to identify and recommend similar boats based on visual similarity. This product will create an effortless shopping experience and personalized boat recommendations regardless of a person’s boating experience.

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Boat Scout - Capstone Summer 2021

Boat Scout - Capstone Summer 2021

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August 5, 2021