Data Science 210


(Spring 2024)

Project Gallery

The back of a truck creating visible pollution inside of a computer chip
Is the exposure to bad air quality felt similarly across different income groups in the Salt Lake Valley?
Natural disaster relief efforts using Data & AI - using building damage and demographics to derive vulnerable populations
AuthentiFace Logo
With advancements in Generative AI, it is becoming increasingly easy to generate extremely realistic images of people who don’t exist, or possibly worse, fake...
AvvySavvy empowers safe winter adventures with data-driven avalanche intelligence.
Help every child speak with confidence  
Berkeley DBT logo
Berkeley DBT is a comprehensive platform that integrates a GPT-4 based chatbot designed to assist users in practicing Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills...
CareFirst, a trusted first aid advisor in your pocket.
Charge Buddy - we help EV owners find when to charge
Our app takes publicly available charging data and finds patterns in usage with Machine Learning. We then use trained models to forecast when local public...
chat compAnIon provides real-time child grooming and predator detection alerts, empowering parents to stay ahead...
Clarifying Care Logo
Leveraging the powers of LLMs in order to create medical discharge summaries from hospital notes, placing focus on being patient friendly and understandable.
Say bye to hours of work for the research analyst – Datadrip uses advanced ML techniques to analyze and summarize earnings slides instantly.
DBChat democratizes data insights for nontechnical users...
How well can machine learning approaches provide accurate drought prediction in California for up to 12-16 weeks in advance?
A podcast summarization app focused on tech, making complex discussions digestible and available to all.
Empowering the 60-70% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck to achieve financial freedom with an AI Agent, personalized financial advisor and more
Join us in reshaping the future of Machine Translation by fostering un-biased and accurate translations. We introduce GenderMT, a lightweight language model,...
Simplify meal planning by unlocking your ingredients' potential with a photo. We deliver personalized recipes tailored to your preferences.
Unlocking Greener Futures: GridVue Empowers Utilities with Real-Time Insights into Distributed Solar Generation, Enabling a More Sustainable Energy Future.
A logo of a magnifying glass with a set of legal scales within the viewing window
An AI-driven tool designed to enhance probation officers' understanding of their cases and improve the support probation clients receive