MIDS Capstone Project Spring 2024


DBChat is a revolutionary chat application that harnesses modern natural language processing (NLP) techniques to translate user queries into SQL, execute them on a database, and return user-friendly responses. Aimed at democratizing data insights for non-technical users, DBChat is designed to bridge the significant gap between complex database querying and user accessibility. This capability is especially crucial for staff within organizations who need data-driven insights but lack the technical expertise to query databases directly. By empowering users to make informed decisions quickly and independently, DBChat enhances operational efficiency and makes data insights accessible to staff of all backgrounds, transforming the way organizations leverage their data for strategic advantage.

DBChat distinguishes itself from other platforms through several innovative features that cater to a broad range of user backgrounds and needs. Central to its capabilities is the real-world application of Text-to-SQL technology, which allows users to interact with live databases using natural language queries. This intuitive interface is complemented by both single and multi-turn capabilities, enabling fluid, context-aware conversations that mimic human interaction. The evaluation of DBChat's performance is robust, utilizing diverse datasets (Spider, Defog, and DBChat's own original evaluation dataset) that help to maximize its generalizability across various domains. Furthermore, the platform's modularity is a key advantage; users can deploy any model that suits their specific requirements. Additionally, DBChat supports file uploads, enhancing its utility by enabling on-the-fly natural language interactions with data. Lastly, its comprehensive user interface features offer a seamless and robust user experience, making complex database schemas accessible and user-friendly.

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April 16, 2024