MIMS Final Projects: 2020

Affordances of Credibility on Social Media
An experiment to identify affordances on social media that influence everyday news consumers and build credibility about the news consumed on the platform. 
Advisor: Hany Farid
How do people know whether or not to trust an AI prediction?
Advisor: Coye Cheshire
A practical, user-friendly guide to understanding and implementing Causal Forests — a machine learning–based algorithm for causal inference.
Advisor: D. Alex Hughes
Galileo Media Logo
AI-powered digital media management and analysis
Nudging consumers toward more eco-conscious grocery shopping habits
Advisor: Jenna Burrell
Blockchain Network
The Lightning Network is a novel system that offers a public decentralized financial infrastructure. Our project explores ways to improve it.
Your mental health companion through life transitions
Advisor: Coye Cheshire
Journey is a service designed to help psychotherapists and their clients bridge the gap between sessions
Advisor: Coye Cheshire
Approachable VR Content Creation
A markdown-based web framework for generating WebVR exhibits.
Advisor: Kimiko Ryokai
Novel technique for attacking location privacy in autonomous vehicles
A data-driven toolkit for aspiring rappers that will take their art to the next level.
Advisor: David Bamman
We analyze whether there exists a best strategy for preparing for programming interviews: blocked or interleaved?
Advisor: Zachary Pardos
An optimization tool for street sweeping planning to create a clean and organized environment with minimized interruption to the local community.
Advisor: Hany Farid