MIMS Final Projects: 2020

Blockchain Network
Can Bitcoin and Ethereum become the basis for a new trustless economy? We explore the robustness and resiliency of existing Blockchain infrastructure. 
Behoud helps you retain your learned knowledge by a smarter review scheduling process using machine learning, instead of simply cramming facts into your brain.
Advisor: Zachary Pardos
Human-AI Partnership
How do people know when to trust AI predictions and when to apply their own judgment?
Advisor: Coye Cheshire
AI-powered digital media management and analysis
There are many companies that claim to be environmentally friendly, but are they really? Our idea is to develop a holistic tool that assesses the environmental...
Advisor: Jenna Burrell
A tool to monitor and understand anxiety through self-awareness and introspection.
Advisor: Coye Cheshire
Journey is a service designed to help psychotherapists and their clients bridge the gap between sessions
Advisor: Coye Cheshire
A markdown-based web framework for generating WebVR exhibits.
Advisor: Kimiko Ryokai
Novel technique to enable secure, privacy preserving machine learning in self driving vehicles
A data-driven toolkit for aspiring rappers that will take their art to the next level.
Advisor: David Bamman
An optimization tool for street sweeping planning to create a clean and organized environment with minimized interruption to the local community.
Advisor: Hany Farid
Application of machine learning methods and techniques to establish a framework for synthetic controls in causal inference
Advisor: D. Alex Hughes
Using social reform to spread awareness of social media misinformation
Advisor: Hany Farid