MIMS Final Project 2020


The Problem

Life transitions can be stressful. We all go through these changes, whether it’s divorce, loss of a loved one, or financial hardship. These changes can lead to stress, worry, and rumination, and if left unaddressed, can interfere with daily life. However, to address those feelings, people need to understand more deeply about how and why they are feeling over time. In this project, we'd like to explore how to help people navigate through stressful life events and understand their feelings in a better way using information technology.

The Solution

Innixi is a mobile assistant paired with a wearable application that helps people regulate mental wellness. It has features including emotion tracking, reflective journaling, and guided activities to alleviate mental stresses. Innixi takes a holistic approach to mental health by providing a way for users to draw connections between their mood and activities.

The Goals

  • Help users build self-awareness by leveraging and visualizing data about mood, sleep, and exercise
  • Empower users to improve daily routine and seek interventions through guided activities
  • Build useable, deliverable and trustworthy technology by utilizing the I School's expertise in information privacy, social issues, and user experience

Last updated:

May 19, 2020