Vikramank Singh

Alumni (MIMS 2020)


Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision and Machine Learning


Data Science


I am a graduate student working in the field of Artificial Intelligence at UC Berkeley. I am interested in machine learning, reinforcement learning, and human learning. My current research focuses on designing optimal policies for stochastic manufacturing units in factories using deep reinforcement learning. Currently, I am advised by Dr. Ram Akella and Dr. Anil Aswani from EECS and IEOR department where I am working as a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR). My current projects are for Western Digital and Hitachi AI Labs. [Paper][Paper]

I graduated from the University of Mumbai in 2016 with a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering. After which I joined Facebook as a Software Engineer in the Connectivity Lab research team and worked on several projects related to computer vision and deep learning. Some of my team's work is here. I left Facebook after which I joined Dr. Ramesh Raskar at MIT and worked with him and Amy Robinson Sterling on projects like real-time multi-person pose estimation using deep learning. 

Last updated:

May 30, 2024