MIMS Final Projects: 2017

Track 1: Connect and Reflect

Bazar is an intentionally designed solution to a carefully articulated technological and social problem faced by Indian entrepreneurs running micro and small...
Advisor: Steven Weber
A pair of personalized IoT charms designed to facilitate and capture meaningful interactions between two individuals. 
Advisor: Steven Weber
A tool enabling users of social media platforms to reflect on theirs and others’ values with regard to online harassment.
Advisor: Deirdre Mulligan
A physical installation to explore the costs and benefits of the rise of connected infrastructure and embedded sensor technologies.
Advisor: Kimiko Ryokai
V R the change
Using VR to provide an accessible way to understand and perceive our impact on climate change and to actively engage and re-engage to take action.

Track 2: Intelligent Assistants

Analyzing digital data (with an emphasis on satellite imagery) related to the developing world for the purpose of making and visualizing predictions about the...
Efficionado is a reimagination of how search interfaces could be designed from a needs-driven approach when specifically applied to the domain of clothes...
Advisor: Steven Weber
Tying positivity and emotional support to improve the pill taking experience.
Advisor: Steven Weber
RecRangers Logo
A smoother experience for people looking to spend time in the outdoors, with efficient search and filtering and comparisons of different sites.
Advisor: Robert Glushko
Using wearable devices to send out an alert when the user loses consciousness.
Advisor: John Chuang
Teem is a smart solution which allows users to effectively schedule and make the most out of their team meetings!