MIMS Final Project 2017

Teal Alert

Teal Alert is an app that alerts a designated loved one or caretaker in the event of losing consciousness after a fall has been detected. The alert will be generated using a wearable device linked to your mobile phone. Our app is targeted towards the elderly population but can be extended to other scenarios such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, diabetic shock, falling or other hazards. The alert sends a text to your designated partner/parent with your location so that you can be reached and be rescued from harm's way if need be. The concept of leveraging wearable technology to send timely notifications to trusted people in your network when you have suffered a stroke or passed out from intoxication or otherwise incapacitated, we believe, will make a positive difference in countless other scenarios where a quick response could mean the difference between life and death.



Teal Alert Video


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Last updated:

May 13, 2017