Richa Prajapati

Alumni (MIMS 2017)


Exploring the intersection of Data Analytics, UX Research and Product management to design/develop user-centric technologies and solutions


Before coming to I School, I was working as a Business Technology Analyst at Deloitte Consulting. During my 3-year stint at Deloitte, I developed a deep expertise in implementing various data-related technologies such as ETL, data modeling, data warehousing and even a bit of data visualization business intelligence. Being a resourceful leader, a good communicator and a dynamic team player, a lot of my work also involved leading development teams, helping the testing teams and coordinating between cross-location and cross-functional teams. On numerous occasions, I led standardizing and building of re-usable modules to expedite software development and increasing Deloitte’s technical capabilities on various fronts. 

I came to I School to expand my skill-set in various aspects of web development and UX research with a focus on data analytics (structured and unstructured data) and product management. I believe that this will help me design/develop intuitive products and services that bridge the gap between what between business/users needs and what technology can offer. 



Last updated:

March 25, 2023