MIMS Final Project 2017


Teem is a smart solution which allows users to effectively schedule and make the most out of their team meetings! Users in non-profit organizations groups, student organizations, and academic project groups involve themselves in a variety of projects, and frequently collaborate with stakeholders in different organizations. Currently, these users lack a sophisticated solution which allow them to effectively find a common time to meet with each other. As opposed to an enterprise setting, our users don’t have a standardized tool which allow them to access availability of other group members.  Moreover, these users also lack a tool which assists them in keeping track of meeting progress and provide all group members synchronized meeting follow-up action items after the meetings. The existing tools which these users use have their own limitations. Some of which are functional issues (no feature to add team members, no automatic action items generator), while others are more of behavioral issues ( less intuitive layout and confusing buttons).

To solve these problems, Teem’s algorithm leverages Google Calendar API to provide our users the ability to automate the meeting scheduling process, and mitigate the user pain points along this process. Teem also utilizes voice recognition APIs to convert recordings of meetings to text transcripts upon which Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques are performed to generate key takeaways during meetings, and distill actionable items for the team, allowing teams to efficiently capture meeting minutes. Teem not only simplifies the meeting scheduling process in a multiple participants environment; but also reduces the overall manual effort of summarizing the meeting takeaways. Unlike other current products which only provide partial solutions to users’ pain points, Teem is an all-round solution which allows the users to effectively schedule and manage their meetings!    


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May 10, 2017