Larson Data for Good Fellowship News

The Data for Good fellowship supports MIDS students who desire to use data science to benefit society. Successful applicants will have a background working for non-profits, government, or community service organizations or be able to demonstrate how they intend to use the data science skills acquired in the MIDS program for the betterment of society.

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Tony Di Sera (MIDS ’21) has been awarded the Jack Larson Data for Good Fellowship for her wide-ranging contributions to genomic research using data...
Mahdieh Taher
Mahdieh Taher (MIDS ’20) has been awarded the Jack Larson Data for Good Fellowship for her work as a data engineer dedicated to improving medical...
Daniel Alvarez
MIDS student Daniel Alvarez developed text-based similarity algorithms for the UN World Food Programme to support cash-based relief delivery.
Georgia State University Campus in Atlanta Georgia
Collin Cunningham founded the SpringForward Foundation to provide high school students in underserved communities the support they need to...
Ben Arnoldy
MIDS student Ben Arnoldy has been awarded the Fall 2019 Jack Larson Data Science for Good Fellowship for his work involving the use of data science...
Santamaria Ots locating cities in need of relief supplies.
In the summer of 2019, Daniel Santamaria Ots received the Jack Larson Data for Good Fellowship for his research in Puerto Rico.
Sudha Subramanian
MIDS student Sudha Subramanian received the Spring 2019 Jack Larson Data for Good Fellowship for her research using data science to understand...
Slade in Malawi
Timothy Slade believes data science should be used to facilitate the democratization of opportunity.
Marcus DeMaster
To many, the term “data science” suggests businesses using our data to make more money, but big data can do more than fuel bigger profits.
Matt Stevenson
Student Matt Stevenson is excited about the impact that data science techniques can have on water and energy, especially in developing regions.