MIDS Capstone Projects: Spring 2017

Screenshot of Choosing Wisely's Predictive Tool
Donors Choose is the largest educational crowdfunding website. Since 2000, it has helped teachers bring over $500M of resources into their classrooms,...
An exploratory artificial intelligence board game player that integrates with your browser and leverages reinforcement learning algorithms with neural networks...
Mitigating online gender harassment through 1) user feedback, 2) empathetic innovation, and 3) data-science products
Solving the problem of miscategorized data in hierarchical master data
Foresight is a new product that uses machine learning to help specialists detect glaucoma progression
Example dashboard for visualizing neuro checks in stroke and lupus patients
Enabling medicial decision making for providers by providing ease of use access to patient dashboard, backed by a readmission model.
Applying machine learning to greenlight a proposed movie
Machine learning platform for artistic and personalized photo selections.
You’re in an unfamiliar place during a bombing. Now what? Respond to pressure with PRESSURE - the real-time crisis navigation app.
RZST Filter
RZST connects you to political actions and events relevant to you. We make political action simple.    
Provides a service that allows internet users to quickly and clearly understand a website's data practices. 
YaBO! is a web portal to give restaurant owners the insights they need to become successful.