Sahab Aslam

Alumni (MIDS 2017)


Life sciences, digital health, diagnostics and therapeutics.


Sahab Aslam has unique and diverse experience in data science, product development, software engineering, agile methodologies, and human-centric design in multiple start-ups and Fortune 100 companies. Sahab has developed B2C and B2B digital products in fintech and healthcare solutions from concept to launch.

Sahab started her digital health journey twelve years ago, providing digital health solutions via SMS and voice recording technologies to underserved populations. Today, she utilizes data science to develop solutions and products to improve patients' lives as Head of Data Science at Myriad Genetics.

Sahab received her Masters in Information & Data Science from the University of California, Berkeley. She holds a Masters of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelors in Liberal Arts and Sciences. In her time outside her work, she spends advising start-ups and mentoring data science students.

Last updated:

March 25, 2023