MIDS Capstone Project Spring 2017


Websites have long privacy policy documents that are full of legal jargons. No one bothers to read them completely but they can have clauses that severely comprimse users' privacy and security.

Recently, it is reported that Unroll.me has been selling their users' data to Uber. When confronted with the allegation, Unroll.me's CEO said he was "heart broken" that users would be upset, because the sales of data was stated in their privacy policy.

We have developed a tool using natural language processing techniques called Transparentl.ly.  It takes a piece of privacy policy documents and evaluate its data practices in six categories. We provide ratings in each category to give users a rough idea of how user friendly the company's policy is, and highlight sentences in the privacy policy that should raise concerns.

We hope that by making privacy policies eaiser to understand, data practices that put users' privacy at risk can be spotted early. 

We welcome you to try the demo on our website. We are also developing more features and improving the NLP algorithms. Any suggestions and contributions will be appreciated. 

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May 1, 2017