MIDS Capstone Project Spring 2017

DeepGaming: Browser Plugin for Playing Gomoku

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more prominent in the gaming industry since IBM’s Deep Blue famously beat Garry Kasparov in chess. The recent development of AlphaGo by Alphabet’s Google DeepMind beat Lee Sdeol in March 2016 for the first time.

DeepGaming for Gomoku is an exploratory artificial intelligence board game player that integrates with your browser which plays Gomoku (and in the future can be extended to play other games) on the popular BoardGameArena website. The technology it leverages are similar in concept to those built by other industry leading companies. In particular, it leverages reinforcement learning algorithms with neural networks, where the AI plays against itself to improve its techniques in the game by playing against itself. Feature engineering is used to narrow down and simplify the complexities of the board game states.

We look forward to extending this to future games.

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April 26, 2017