Data Science 210


(Fall 2021)

Project Gallery

Green tool helps you to make data driven policy or investment decisions regarding relevant climate actions and goals. 
A low-cost and versatile solution to dog health monitoring
Surveillance Camera
Argos detects relevant video segments in surveillance footage, providing those to users in an easy to use interface along with a captioning for the video.
Natural Language search tool for audio and video data
Combining computer vision with an intuitive UI, Caminos streamlines the camera trap image annotation process—labeling has never been easier!
Descriptive World Glasses
The mission for Descriptive World is to bring independence to the lives of the over 2 billion people living with visual impairment worldwide. We achieve this...
Looking to up your style without buying anything? Digital Wardrobe Stylist helps you shop your closet and recommends new outfits based on what you already own.
ETH Stoplight
Current ethereum gas price estimators either use simple historical price trends to guess a potentially successful transaction fee. Ethereum Stoplight applies...
Landfill Detector: A tool that automatically detects landfills given satellite images. This tool can be extended to get methane emission estimates from a given...
MemorAI is an interactive platform powered by generative language models that learn from memories of people's loved ones and retell these stories.
Methane Anomaly Detector (MAD) utilizes deep learning techniques to identify potential methane emission anomalies in California.
The MRI Analyzer team’s mission is to create a tool which can aid medical professionals when identifying prostate cancer and determining the best course of...
Team CaliCO2
US megaprojects for storing 2020 carbon emissions only see results in 2035. What can California do now that adapts with climate technology?
Poverty Mapper Tool
Poverty Mapper is focused on filling data gaps to help international development NGOs to make better decisions about where to allocate resources. Using...
PyLabel Teaser Image
PyLabel is a Python package to help computer vision practitioners get labelled data sets ready to be used in deep learning models.
A protein structure popping out of clusters of data
Protein Similarity Explorer offers a flexible, interactive tool for researchers to explore structurally similar proteins in the AlphaFold2 DB (DeepMind).
“Stay fit, stay safe” is an innovative deep learning AI solution deployed on the Azure cloud that elevates virtual yoga practice and makes it more accessible...