ETH Stoplight
MIDS Capstone Project Fall 2021

Ethereum Stoplight

Ethereum Stoplight is an analytics engine for predicting transaction costs on the Ethereum network. With increased adoption of decentralized finance, the network has ballooned to estimated 20 million users globally who execute over $10B worth of transactions daily. This heightened volume has put pressure on ethereum’s infrastructure, which has lead to prohibitively high transactions costs for users. Our solution applies scalable machine learning techniques to provide ethereum users visibility into what costs to trade really are and where they are headed.

Current ethereum gas price estimators either use simple historical price trends or settle for limited supply-side (miner) data to guess a potentially successful transaction fee.

Ethereum Stoplight applies machine learning to gigabytes and gigabytes of historical transaction-level and block-level smart contracts activity data to accurately predict the current required fee to successfully get your transaction added to the next block.

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December 9, 2021