PJ MIDS May 2019

Praveen Joseph

Alumni (MIDS 2021)


Financial ML, Quantum Computing and AI in Fintech


Business Strategy
Data Science


My name is Praveen Joseph and I am a derivatives trader and Fixed Income Portfolio Manager specializing in Securitized Credit and ABS investments at the World Bank Group (IFC) in Washington DC. My prior experience has been in I-Banking, Hedge Funds and Asset Management roles in London, New York and Washington DC. I’m a British & Indian dual-national.

I have an undergraduate degree in Engineering from IIT Madras (India) and a Master’s in Quantitative Finance from the London School of Economics (UK). I'm intrigued by the application of Machine Learning in Financial Markets and interested to learn more about the applications of AI/Quantum Computing in FinTech.

Excited to learn Data Science at Berkeley and collaborate with my peers in the MIDS program.

We are working with finhub ( https://finnhub.io/) to source financial dataset for our final project for W266 ( Deep Learning and NLP)  

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June 30, 2022