MIMS Final Project 2008


MD:Notes is the design and development of an application that allows healthcare providers to enter clinical progress notes using multiple devices (PC, cell phone, PDA). Functionality of the application will vary across the devices, depending on the device's capabilities and the context of its use. We are doing extensive interviews with potential users at Highland Hospital in Oakland and San Francisco General Hospital, and following best practices in interpretation sessions, creating affinity notes, sequence diagrams, visioning, storyboarding, and UI Design.

Our data modeling (in XML) will be coherent and human-readable, and our functional prototype will separate content and presentation for maximum flexibility and extensibility. We will also be investigating some very new ideas in Human Computer Interaction for the voice interface, building on some of the research coming out of the Computer Science department. This is an ambitious project which aims to provide a valuable service to two hospitals while pushing the boundaries of what is possible with new wireless devices.

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March 30, 2017