Michael Buckland

Professor Emeritus

5 South Hall
Information, culture, and society. Library services. Bibliography and discovery. History and theory of documentation.

Professor Emeritus

Design, evaluation, and cost analysis of information retrieval and library automation systems. Modeling and usage pattern analysis of Web-based...

Professor of the Graduate School, Emerita

3325 Dwinelle
History of information, music information
Paul Duguid

Adjunct Professor Emeritus

The concept of information; the history of information; the history of "technocracy"; critical information studies.

Professor Emeritus

Creating great companies, collaboration, corporate transformation, leadership
Pam Samuelson

Richard M. Sherman Distinguished Professor of Law
Former Professor of Information

892 Simon Hall
Intellectual property law

Professor Emerita

Science and technology studies (STS), user experience research, visual media, visual studies, visual narrative

Professor Emeritus (I School, Business, and Economics)

Economics of information
Steven Weber

Professor of the Graduate School

International politics, international business, and the information economy; Cybersecurity; Behavioral economics within Information Systems