Paul Duguid

Paul Duguid

Adjunct Professor Emeritus


The concept of information; the history of information; the history of "technocracy"; critical information studies.

Research areas


Current Research

Information and authenticity.  From a historical perspective: how we come to trust information we encounter and how we led credibility to information we share and what role brands and other forms of certification play.

Other Research

See  Information: A Historical Companion, co-edited with  Profs. Anthony Grafton (Princeton), Ann Blair (Harvard), and Anja Goeing (Zurich). Princeton University Press, 2021. 


BA, English & Philosophy, Bristol University, UK, 1976
MA, English Literature, Washington University, St. Louis, 1980

What is the best thing about working at the I School?
Multidisciplinary faculty and students.

What Information issues interests you most?
Questions of authenticity of information.

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June 20, 2024