Data Science 210


(Fall 2022)

Project Gallery

Relaxed Crossed Legs on an Open Highway
"Don't Trip Over Your Trip" strives to deliver more personalized recommendations to travelers looking for restaurants, attractions, and other amenities as they...
No-code computer vision tool that saves biologists and life scientists
How does vegetated land impact Net Zero Carbon goals for cities & companies? CALCUlator uses logistic regression techniques and Google Earth Engine data to...
Line art of a polluting factory is superimposed over the shape of the state of California. Above these images, a play on the word Healthcare is deliberately misspelled, with a capital C and capital A for California, then a lowercase i and r spell Air.
How does air pollution affect pediatric health? We use instrumental variables regression to quantify the impact of PM2.5 pollution exposure on pediatric...
Can we decrease energy costs for the consumer by developing and optimizing their home energy management?
A football play call sheet generated from a machine learning algorithm to help save NFL teams time in their preparation.
SuperPlan logo
How do retailers plan how much inventory to purchase? Our capstone uses state-of-the-art models to forecast demand for Walmart, Inc., the largest retailer in...