Data Science 210


(Fall 2022)

Project Gallery

The purpose of this solution is to support early diagnosis of ADHD and complement current ADHD diagnosis methods by offering an additional ADHD screening tool...
An examination of deforestation-linked fires in the Brazilian state of Pará. Using satellite fire detections and supplementary governmental data we aim to...
Our team is proposing to research some of the latest open-source speech-to-speech technologies in order to provide a level of transparency about the state of...
AniML frees up biologists' time so they can focus where it counts - applying their unique skills to solve pressing global challenges, such as climate change,...
How do we identify fishing vessels that broadcast AIS data intermittently and participate in illegal/anomalous behavior?
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An app to help low income New Yorkers find affordable groceries nearby.
Bikeshare Wizard is a web app that predicts bike share availability in the Boston area in order to improve user experience.
CAiFE's mission is to empower every SMB regardless of technical capability to complete on customer experience.
How does vegetated land impact Net Zero Carbon goals for cities & companies? CALCUlator uses Google Earth Engine data and Random Forest regression to help.
With your photo, can classify up to 5 categories of skin conditions - from the most malignant skin cancers to the most common skin diseases  
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Restaurant recommendations for all diet types
Green Thumb AI
Green Thumb AI is a website and mobile app that can suggest what to plant in a hobby garden based on the number of sun hours, zone, time of year, the direction...
Line art of a polluting factory is superimposed over the shape of the state of California. Above these images, a play on the word Healthcare is deliberately misspelled, with a capital C and capital A for California, then a lowercase i and r spell Air.
How does air pollution affect pediatric health? We use instrumental variables regression to quantify the impact of PM2.5 pollution exposure on pediatric...
Can we decrease energy costs for the consumer by developing and optimizing their home energy management?
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What is the housing market going to look like in the county you live in or want to purchase a home? Our group takes county level metrics to make predictions on...
"NeckFrac", a deep learning model trained on over 2000 patients Cervical Spine CT scans, aimed to quickly detect and determine the location of vertebral...
A football play call sheet generated from a machine learning algorithm to help save NFL teams time in their preparation.