MIDS Capstone Project Fall 2022

CAiFE: Conversational AI for Everyone

Small and medium businesses(SMBs) are lagging behind in chatbot adoption due to affordability, technical complexity & lack of skilled manpower. Enterprises have been adopting chatbots at a fast pace and chatbots are expected to be primary service agent by 2027. Falling behind in conversation AI domain would make SMBs less competitive in customer service.

CAiFE’s mission is to empower every SMB regardless of technical capability to compete on customer experience.

CAiFE uses cutting edge AI technology called meta learning to create chatbots customized to the needs of any business. This solution democratizes conversational AI and unlocks competitive-advantages for any business, particularly small and medium segments. CAiFE chatbots are cost effective, highly scalable, personalized and state of the art.  


Lower Customer Service Cost

It can easily handle common service requests allowing businesses to focus on their core strengths.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Chatbot is available 24 hours and enhances user experience through its accurate and naturalness.

Consistent Support

The solution scales during peak demand period by allowing better outcomes for customers and business.

Highly Customizable

The model could be trained and customized to meet various domain needs and application goals.


What is meta learning?

Humans learn that booking a room at hotel and booking a reservation at restaurant are similar. Meta learning teaches the same concept to a model. Model learns the “booking” concept through training on multiple high data domains which have booking data and then we fine tune to specific low data domains. Under the covers, model is learning a good initialization point for “booking”. Bottom line - Training on big-data domain yields good initialization point for small-data domains.


CAiFE Website - This is website a small business owner would go to fill a form and request a chatbot. 

Medinova - Showcases website of a small business clinic who integrates chatbot into their website.

Last updated:

December 6, 2022