MIDS Capstone Project Fall 2022

PlAi Call

Background of Playcall Sheet Generation

When conducting initial research for our product, we spoke with a football coach at the University of California Berkeley about their weekly preparation. We found that one of the biggest pain points for their staff is that it takes up to 3 to 4 days for them to create their play call sheets every week. This includes everything from cutting film, play design, and practicing the execution.

Our Mission

To simplify the play calling process for NFL coaches and teams through the lens of advanced analytics.

The Product

A web application where the user (typically a coach) will input their team and their upcoming opponent in order to generate a play call sheet. The output is generated from our machine learning algorithm within a minute. This will help save NFL teams a lot time in their preparation process, allowing them to divert resources to other areas of their game planning.

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PlAi Call demo

PlAi Call demo

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December 6, 2022